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Glazing & Aluminium

Innovative Bespoke Solutions for Residential & Commercial Projects

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Commercial & Residential

Modern facades become obsolete through age, structural issues, weather or more commonly, changes to regulations. Existing buildings which act as dwellings must comply with any updated regulations. We carry out a wide range of architectural glass and glazing projects  we offer façade replacement and repair solutions


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The GlassRooms system has been designed by award winning architects, structural glass engineers and leading independent test engineers. Constructed in-house at our factory, from toughened glass units, specified to meet the needs of your environmental demands, our system manages heat loss and solar gain with the state of the art glass technology.

Facades & Cladding Solutions

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In spending time assessing the condition of the façade and inspecting for hidden defects, our professional surveyors will then work with you to devise a tailored plan of action. They will take into consideration your businesses busiest hours before booking in repairs for a date and time that best suits your schedule. Teams aim to keep disruption to daily activities at a low, ensuring that your business does not lose any time, money or customers down to repair work.

Commercial Structural Glass


The use of glass for a building façade has long been a preferred cladding for designers as a way of opening up the space and bringing the exterior inside. Glazing helps provide the necessary daylight inside a building and brings the heat into the built form.

Using our extensive product and market knowledge we work closely with the commercial sector including main contractors, architects, quantity surveyors, project and site managers..

Workforce Procurement

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We can provide support finding the right workforce for your project.  
Note that subcontractors aren’t just hired labour.
Subcontractors are hired for their expertise, which makes them valuable. 
So ideally, hiring subcontractors and effective subcontractor management increases output and improves the quality of the work being done. This allows contractors to grow their business and increase profits, and ultimately it can mean being able to take on projects with greater size and scope. Subcontractor management isn’t about just hiring an extra set of hands: it’s about ensuring that specific outcomes for a project are achieved.

We do every size job at  LFC  
for a no obligation consultation give us a call today.

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Service Provision

Services we provide are tailored to each project and the clients' requirements; we do not provide calculations in house we work in partnership with several structural & fire engineers across the county.

Our recommendations are signed off by the engineers we work with. If an engineer is already appointed, we will work in synergy to ensure they are informed at each stage of the works completed to sign off our program and reports.

    Limitless façade & cladding Ltd 

    • Provide supply & installation services of curtain wall systems

    • We can make recommendations and provide in house drawings however they are required to be signed off by the engineer instructed

    • Betterment works/ remedial works to cavity & external wall systems

    • Labour only

    • Support to provide EWS1 certification working with Fire engineers

    • Procurement

    Limitless facades & cladding produce:

    • Progress trackers

    • Program of works

    • Bi-weekly progress reports

    • O & M Manuals

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    LFC Limitless

    We can supply you with a workforce

    Contractors need subcontractors for their skills and hard work, and subcontractors need a contractor’s large network of clients. This network ensures there is always work to be done. It also allows subcontractors to focus on their role in the project, rather than finding projects in the first place.
    Subcontracting can provide the firm with access to a flexible additional time resource without the need to resort to a formal recruitment exercise and become involved with the demands of employment law.  In turn, it enables the subcontractor to escape the constraints of full-time employment.

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    LFC is a specialist contractor who provides professional management of remedial solutions. We provide glazing options for commercial and residential from high-rise buildings to roof lights and glassroom extensions. 

    LFC on hand to provide reliable management and solutions 

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